Something Fun for Summer? Acoustic Cover Version of “Red Red Wine”

Kev Does Neil

I learned this song while I was living in Charleston, S.C. There was a 5 year span when I lived in this beautiful area of the country, the lowcountry. And while I lived there I was naturally looking for gigs. But here’s the thing… in beach towns…. everyone plays cover music. Which now I’ve learned […]

James Taylor Was in My Dream Last Night

Kev Does James Taylor

There I was, sitting in what seemed to be a practice studio with two other musicians my age with our guitars, a music teacher, a piano, and James Taylor. At first I was  little nervous but he quickly calmed that with his cordial diffusing demeanor. “What would I learn from this encounter?” I thought. Holy […]

Crowdfunding Psychology 101: How You Can Mentally Prepare for Your Campaign

Crowdfunding Psychology 101

Wanna help spread the word about my new website? SHARE this post on Facebook and Twitter now! And leave a COMMENT or QUESTION at the bottom of this page! I still get chills thinking about it. With only 32 minutes left of my Kickstarter campaign for my instrumental album “The Joy of Playing” my campaign was funded […]